Geotextiles in Civil Engineering: Classification, Functions and Application

#Geotextiles as permeable textile materials used in contact with soil, rock, earth or any other geotechnical related material as an integral part of civil engineering project, structure, or system. Textiles play a significant role in build­ing infrastructures, offering desirable properties such as lightweight, strength, and resilience as well as resistance to many factors such as creep, degradation from chemicals, sunlight, and pollutants.

#Geotextiles are made from polypropylene, polyester, polyethylene, polyamide (nylon), polyvinylidene chloride, and fiberglass. Polypropylene and polyester are the most used. Sewing thread for geotextiles is made from KevlarL or any of the above polymers.

Based on their structure and the manufacturing technique, geotextiles may be broadly classified into woven and nonwoven. Woven geotextiles are manufactured by the interlacement of warp and weft yarns, which may be of spun, multifilament, fibrillated or of slit film. Nonwoven geotextiles are manufactured through a process of mechanical interlocking or thermal bonding of fibers/filaments.

An important contribution of the textile industry to the civil engineer­ing sector is what is, according to their use, referred to as construction textiles or geotextiles. Geotextiles help in reducing energy consumption and improv­ing performances in the construction sector. Textile structures are also used in architectural sector to improve the aesthetics of buildings.

Geotextiles in Civil Engineering: 

#Geotextiles are technical fabrics used in civil engineering construction projects such as road pavements, dams, embankments, drains, and silt fencing for the purpose of soil reinforcement and stabilization, sedimentation and erosion con­trol, drainage and support, and many other applications.

Properties of Geotextiles: 

The properties and test methods of geotextile material arose first from previ­ously existing materials that resemble geotextiles, such as textile materials. The property requirements and characteristics of geotextiles used for specific application depend on their purpose and the desired functions.

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