Geogrid composite with geotextile


■ Base reinforcement 

■ Subgrade reinforcement 

■ Slope reinforcement 

■ Embankment stabilization

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LIANYI Biaxial Geogrid Composite PET50-150 is traditional PET warp knitted biaxial geogrid bonded t o a PET filament nonwoven geotextile by pressure sensitive glue. This Biaxial Geogrid Composite is perfect for reinforcement, road construction and other uses in civil engineering where reinforcement and separation are required. The Geogrid composite nature makes it very easy and fast to install when compared to traditional Geogrid separation product cross-sections. This Biaxial Geogrid Composite material is very effective in maintaining the separation of imported granular fill from the fines contained in typical saturated base soils.


Index PropertiesTest methodUnitsMD ValuesCD Values
■  Polymer--PET -
■  Minimum Carbon blackASTM D 4218%2-
■  Tensile strength @ 2% strainEN ISO 10319kN/m1212
■  Tensile strength @ 5% strainEN ISO 10319kN/m2424
■  Ultimate tensile strengthEN ISO 10319kN/m53±353±3
■  Stain @ Ultimate strength 


■  Polymer

■  Mass Per Unit AreaEN ISO 9864 g/m2  150
■  Tensile StrengthASTM D4595 kN/m1212
■  Elongation at PeakASTM D4595 %5050
■  CBR bursting strength ASTM D6241 N15001500

Roll Dimensions

■  Aperture Dimensions-mm2525
■  Roll Width-m5.0 -
■  Roll Length


■ In natural soils within 4<pH<9 
Soil temperature < 25°C
Min.150 years
■ To be covered after installation within 

1 Month

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